• TheMemeingofMarkFisher.com

    Man, I don't know why I wanted to terrorize Mike Watson so badly. Buying the domain for his upcoming book and releasing a different book with the same title a week early is still so impossibly funny to me.

  • The domain may have lapsed, but the memory lives on through the Wayback Machine.

  • God Hates NFTs

    The second run of Fraud cards was a particularly targeted joke towards a certain group of luxury leftists and their weird shilling of expensive .jpgs.

  • I forgot to document most of the 1/1 Fraudcards... hell, the cards with manuscript pieces from TLZ are still pretty good looking to me. Very few PSA10s - that's handmade, baby.

  • AreYouAFascist.Online

    The companion piece to the Fascists book - ask the magic 8 if you're a fascist, you might be surprised!

    Still alive on Internet Archive!

  • Dark MAGA Music to Drive To

    Started as a mixtape series which was promptly removed for... using the word MAGA?
    Episode 1
    Episode 2

  • While they might not be on Spotify, Mixcloud, Apple Music etc anymore, some of the archived radio shows can be heard here.

  • Alexandrina Bybliotheca

    I've always preferred people NOT buy our books - i'd rather they just download them or whatever. It doesn't matter to me as long as they get read.

  • Since all these are long out-of-print, i'd rather they have one static final resting place.

    Google Drive